Presentation of my 747-400 Cockpit project, until main website goes online


a real 747 seat out of an airfrance 747-100, the copilots seat is at my home too, just without cushions.


an original 747-100 yoke coming out of a TWA plane, that was recently scrapped in Arizona. It was given to me by my friend nick cerullo in new york


this 747-200 autopilot panel was given to me by an unnamed major airline  as a present


this FMS/eicas bay from a 747-400 has been built by a mechanic from a major airline according to original dimensions


this pedestal panel has been built the same way than the FMS bay, note one of the throttle levers in an unfinished state


the throttle box has been built out of aircraft aluminium, to be an exact replica of the real one.

note the trim indicator displays, which will be fully functional afterwards.

the large cutouts are for the backlightning of the panels which will be attached to the console


everything together, note the speedbrake lever ready to be installed in the throttle box, which is motorized(as well as the throttle levers will be)


here is a 747-400 MCP panel, just awaiting installation of some very nice white 7 segment LED displays, just like the newer models

this panel has been made by a very nice guy from toronto , canada. his name is peter cos, and he makes fantastic products, as well he is very helpful to builders like myself


thanks for looking


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